Our Company

Voice4me is a Junior Achievement Company which aims to spread awareness of marginized people through literature. Through our online platform and books, we aim to show the world, and specifically our target market, the way of thinking as well as the stories and experiences of marginised people, such as refugees and elderly people. We do this because we believe that they as people and their stories aren't known as they should be.

And therefore, we envision to make people aware of life's difficulties, which marginized people tend to face. People therefore get to learn more about them, and gain sympathy towards them. This way we achieve to reduce discrimination against them.

Here our are the main aims of our company and our products/services:

Spread Awarness

Our platform of books as well as the online platform allows communication with refugees, older people and all kinds of other marginalized people. This allows us to learn more about them and get more interested in what they do.


Our platform is a form of education to people that do not know much about refugees, the elderly and all marginalized people. Through our books, you get to understand those people, and learn some information which you perhaps would not have known.


We aim to show the world that marginized people are humans too, in an attempt to reduce discrimination against them. It is important to acknowledge that these people do not leave a fairytale and are humans like everyone, who have been through difficult times.