The team is made of 6 full-time dedicated members. The team always strives to offer the best kind of service to customers.

Sarkis Paul Shadarevian
Chief Executive Officer

Having been inspired by the various people I met in the past few years, I felt the need to create a platform where the voices of those marginized people could be heard and known. Unfortunately, I have seen and heard a lot discrimination against all sorts of people and I have noticed that this is because of the lack of knowledge of them. Ever since the company and idea was invented, I have always been passionate and determined to do the best I can to meet the company's targets and aims.

Constantinos Antoniou
Chief Operations Officer

Intrigued by the never ending unique stories of refugees I decided to join Voice4Me in order to expose myself more to their stories. Having family members that have fled from war due to the inhumane conditions I felt it is a perfect opportunity to educate the public with stories of marginized people.

Andreas Hadjiyiannis
Chief Accounting Officer

As the chief financial officer of the team, my aim is to hold account of all the teams incomes and profits as well as all the expenses and make sure that through correct transactions the team is on the right track making revenue that will help us with expanding our products further in the future and growing as a company.

Evelina Theodosiou
Chief Marketing Officer

Since I was little I always wanted to help people in need as much as I could. That’s why I became a member of Voice4me. I am the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of the team. My job is to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for increasing the sales of our books. This includes identifying and targeting relevant audiences that are more likely to be interested in our books and then implementing appropriate promotional activities for reaching these people, informing them about our company and our products, explaining our purpose and convincing them to purchase our products. Our promotional activities involve the organization of events and presentations and promotion through digital media.

Eleni Pieri
Chief Sales Officer

The Voice4me team has become an important part of my life, as we are all united behind the common cause of helping. The company has given me the chance to take a look into these serious problems that concern such a big percentage of our population and create a deeper understanding of them. As the CSO of the company, my goal is to reach as many people as possible through social media and raise awareness to these major issues.

Anna Petrides
Chief Financial Officer

My firsthand witnessing of the trials and tribulations of the refugees at the Kofinou Refugee camp, was the wake up call that inspired me to join Voice4Me. The trauma they carry with them to the shores of Cyprus is a major issue that deserves more attention by our community. Voice4Me’s remarkable work in creating awareness and supporting refugees both financially (through the profits of the book sales) and by offering emotional support (by listening to and recording their personal life-stories) is truly inspiring. Being the CFO of the company is a post I enjoy, as I have always liked numbers and take great satisfaction in offering money to people in need.