‘The Song of A Sparrow’ by Voice4me

The book ‘The Song of a Sparrow’ is a collection of poems dedicated to refugees and the life of refugees throughout their journey. The name of the book has originated from the poem inside the book ‘Sparrow’ which has been turned into a song, which will soon be released together with the book.

Listening to the stories of all the displaced humans among us we decided to publish the poetry of people who wish to join their voices with  the refugees .  

The poetry collection is presented in three languages – Greek, Turkish and English  – and contains the work of people from a variety of  ages and academic  backgrounds. The collection begins with a poem written especially for our project by Kyriakos Charalambides, Poet of Cyprus, a man who spent most of his life voicing one’s love for his homeland. The collection accompanies a song with the title ‘Sparrow’, lyrics written by Stavros Stavrou, and sketches in ink by artist Carol Syrimis.

You can purchase the book here: http://voice4me.com/product/the-song-of-a-sparrow-by-voice4me/


Greek Poems

ΤΟ ΧΕΛΩΝΟΚΥΝΗΓΙ,   Κυριακος Χαραλαμπιδη

ΣΠΟΥΡΓΙΤΙ, Σταύρος Σταύρου

Ταξίδια «αταξίδευτα», Πάνος Πολυζωγόπουλος

Τρομαγμένα Πουλιά, Παναγιώτης Θωμά

Μαζί., Νικόλ Κωνσταντινίδου (12 χρονών)

Η βαλίτσα, Μαρίσα Τρουλλιδου

Turkish Poems

Umut, Ulker Uzuner

ADIM MÜLTECİ, Pervin Kyriagdi

Untitled, Timur Erin Timur, Melis Goulshen Ozant, Ali Enis Ozant  

English Poems

The World with my Sight, Aref Hussaini [20 years old – student. Originally from Afghanistan, born and raised in Pakistan. Now living in Greece.]

Who?, Aref Hussaini

The Road, Nicolas Simpson


Ditched Destiny, Demos Kaoullas

Fragments, Selma Karayalcin

Shrapnel, Arcin Celikesmer, Ibrahim Ince

Mismar, Alexis Pantelides

Elia, Alexis Pantelides

Displacement, Elena Christou

Who Cares?, Agatha Kyriacou

A Cry For Help, Poulcheria Roussos

Parablepsis, Poulcheria Roussos

Somewhere In This World, Angelina Der Arakelian

Maybe in another universe, Angelina Der Arakelian

Forgotten Hope, Michelle Mirbagheri

The Sunshine, Michelle Mirbagheri

WARped: Memoirs of a Refugee, George Nicolaides

Wide Eyes, Eleonora Soteriou

The Boy, Marilia Magnitis

Dear diary…, Eliza Papavarnava

Untitled, Anna Petrides

You don’t know, Sarkis Paul Shadarevian

Two innocent eyes, Kyriakos Hadjimichael

WAR POEM, Sotiria Pavlou

Cycle of trust, Gregoris Orphanides

Leave, Thara Popoola

War, Jerry/Kehan Xu (13 years old)

Colourless, Yet Meaningful, Adonis Sergiou